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Double Your Gas Mileage On The Car You Are Driving Right Now

Double Your Gas Mileage On The Car You Are Driving Right Now
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Donny Depew
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West Sunrise
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Coversion kit works on 99.9% of vehicles including hybrids, diesel, gas, and petrol. Your vehicle warranty is preserved and you can add or remove the system in minutes. This system is SAFE for your vehicle and requires no engine modifications. It even works in freezing weather. Convert your car, truck, van,motorcycle, rv,bus,semi truck (big rig),limo to run on water and gas today.

With the conversion kit (run on water and gas) your vehicle will have increased fuel efficiency, smoother drive, and protect the environment. Using this technology, a florist in Florida reported that he is averaging 65 MPG (an increase of 213%) in his delivery trucks and we are now averaging 85.3 MPG in our 2 vehicles, an increase of 115%.

Learn how the government will pay you to use this technology. Yes, you actually get Tax Rebates for driving an environmentally friendly vehicle.

How Does This Technology Work?

The technology is not based on replacing your gas with water, but by enhancing the efficiency of your gas-based engine by using the stored energy in water.
We have developed a system that uses very little electricity from your vehicle's battery to cause water to turn into HHO gas. This gas is two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. This gas, also called Brown's Gas, Oxyhydrogen, Hydroxy or Water-Fuel burns very smoothly and releases A LOT of energy. The end result of this process is water.

Works for big-rigs, trucks, motor-homes, even motorcycles.

We have simplified and made this technology even more inexpensive.

Good for carb/fuel injection, diesel, turbo-diesl, gasoline and petrol.

Works for new and old cars.

Mechanics agree that current engines normally utilize only 20-25% of the power of the gasoline being used. The system, oxy-hydrogen gas will be injected into the engine to increase the ability of your car engine to produce energy. The fact is that the hydrogen in water is 1000% times more potent and full of energy than gasoline is. By using electricity from your car's engine, the hydrogen stays in the form of water up until the split second needed to add to the combustion chamber of your motor. The end result is an increased fuel efficiency of up to 70-80% as well as a cleaner engine and smog-free exhaust. Because of such a low power consumption of our design, the vehicle battery lasts just as long as when the system is not attached.

Can I Really Get Twice Or Even Three Times The Mileage?

Absolutely! We have received this increase in the test cars we own as well as the people who have converted their vehicles.
John who drives a Toyota Corolla reports that he is getting 56 miles per gallon. Debra from Texas reports that she is getting 40 miles per gallon in her SUV.

Big rig owners have installed several of the systems to provide HHO for the large motors and have reported 37-68% increases in fuel efficiency.

This technology works because engines right now are very fuel inefficient and by adding oxy-hydrogen gas (HHO) to the equation, they start to run efficiently and your car mileage goes up incredibly.

You don't need to wait for the major car manufacturers to bring this technology to you. While in Japan, Honda is testing a car that runs off of water, it may be 3-10 years before it is available in mass production. And only then, the price tag is estimated at $30,000 to $50,000.

Why wait when hydrogen on demand technology is available right now? With the system, you can easily add the ability to use the hydrogen in water to super power your car's engine.

No need to wait - the technology is right now in front of you to start using for your own benefit.
Thousands of successful conversions around the world have demonstrated that the technology in the system works! We are continually making the process easier, faster, and cheaper to do so that more and more people can benefit.

Water, which is HHO (two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen) contains hydrogen, which is the energy that is used to power the hydrogen bomb. In the system, you get the power of a hydrogen with the safety of a glass of water.

Fossil fuels are running out and are extremely expensive.

Would you like to cut these gas prices in half by getting twice the mileage from your car? Prices in Europe are normally double the US prices.
Price of Addiction
to Foreign Oil

Gasoline prices in Florida as of July 1, 2011 regular 3.60 per gallon premium 3.79

The great news is that the system can be built and installed without modifying anything on your engine. It makes a huge step toward improving the world's energy crisis.


Carbondioxide (CO2), e.g. exhaust from cars and power plants.
What Causes Global Warming, human activity or the sun? The final answer is not in, but you can see the results so far. (1) Exhaust is clearly the source of CO2. (2) Everyone now agrees the earth is warming.
The Effects of Global Warming. We can see the long-term effects coming in the melting of polar ice and glaciers. But a powerful trend in Atlantic hurricane data indicates we can already see the impact. Katrina was partly the result of a normal weather cycle, but that cannot explain away stronger hurricanes world wide.

World CO2 since 1750 (cubic feet)

Can we Stop Global Warming?
It's too late for that, but we can slow it down and lessen its effects. CO2 does not last as long in the air as was once thought, so the big problem is slowing human use of fossil energy, especially coal. (Especially since CO2 goes into the ocean and destroys coral reefs.)

The system increases fuel efficiency on average by about 100%. This means that half of the fossil fuels that are needed right now to power your vehicle will be needed after you build and install the system. In addition, because of the HHO being injected in gas form into your engine, the engine runs smoother and cleaner. The exhaust instead of being black and dirty is clean and when the steam condenses, it turns into water. Your car is now driving "green."

Is It Safe To Use This Technology?

The system is 100% safe. Unlike hydrogen that is stored in high pressure fuel tanks or in unstable forms, in this system, the hydrogen remains in the form of water until the moment the hydrogen and oxygen is needed to improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle's engine.

The byproduct of this combustion is none other than very safe water. And unlike "hydrogen vehicles", we do not store the hydrogen. Instead the hydrogen and oxygen gas (HHO) is produced and then immediately used.

We have experience installing numerous systems for others and in our vehicles. In every case, the system has been successful in improving the fuel efficiency of the car engine and has been 100% safe for the engine as well as preserving the warranty. In addition, tens of thousands of miles of road testing under all types of conditions have proven that this system is safe for vehicles to use.

The system can be installed (or removed) in a matter of minutes. And, your vehicle's warranty is NOT affected at all. There are no modifications to the car engine, fuel injection, or other areas of your engine, so it is completely safe for your vehicle's engine as well.


Nancy T. - UK

"I saved over $369 last month with my gas-water hybrid. Since my income has been flat, but my gas expenses rising, it was blood murder and this was the saving grace.

I'm a devout follower!"

Tom G., Ohio
"As an independent truck driver, I drive thousands of miles a week and was earning good money until the hike in gas prices started taking a toll on my pay.

I was pissed off and thinking of giving it up, but decided to install your system to improve my engine's work.

Well, I can tell you that you're saving me thousands of dollars a month and I'm thanking you that I can still make it as a trucker today.

Thanks, bud"

Alexa V. - Australia

"I filled my car for 1/4 the price after using the system.
The next time I went to the station, what would normally be a normal fill up of the entire tank (because I drive a lot commuting to work), was only 1/4 fill. I'm saving a lot, which is really important right now.

I also noticed that often I find my car is running so quietly that I think it is off and restart the engine - I guess I just have to get used to this. I mean it's great that it's so quiet, just before, my engine wasn't so I have to get used to it."
Save money at the gas pump and have more money for yourself, family, and the things you want to spend it on. Because with the system, you will be able to cut your gas spending by 50 to 75% because of the increased efficiency of your vehicle's engine. The IRS also pays you in the form of tax credits because you are now driving a more environmentally friendly vehicle.

Feel good again driving. Whether you are driving a SUV or a large sedan, you will know that you can take that "extra" trip and you are still using a lot less gas.

Protect the environment. The system is proven to reduce emissions as well as cause your engine to consume less gas, both directly helping the environment. When HHO or "Brown's Gas" is burnt, the result is steam that condenses into water outside your vehicle, completely safe for the environment!

Be an example in the community. As more and more people start driving clean fuels, everyone benefits. You can feel good about yourself that you are contributing to a positive movement.

Have a more powerful vehicle . Our tests have proven that trucks going uphill have more torque and pull stronger. Cars, trucks, or SUVs driving on roads, or sitting idle make much less noise, and even some members have thought that their vehicles were off when it was just the system causing their engine to run much quieter.

Smaller systems sell on the internet from $800 to $2,300.

$500 (RV'S,BUSES,SEMI TRUCKS) to make this technology affordable for everyone.

call Donny from Green Auto World to make an installation appointment at 954 401 1828

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