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“your Life Without Debt”

 “your Life Without Debt”
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Robert Ramirez
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California, Florida And Ny
 your   life   without   debt 
Service Category:Financial Services
Business Name:Golden Financial Services
600 Palm Ave
San Diego County, CA 91932

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Golden Financial Services is a firm that prides itself on unparalleled service and performance. We are committed to providing unbiased advice and prudent strategies for all kinds of debt issues. We also refer clients to a wide variety of programs tailored to fit each individuals needs. We specialize in programs such as debt reduction plans, debt management, cash flow analysis, credit report assistance, loss mitigation, and foreclosure assistance. Our client-first approach allows us to serve you without compromise. Our reward is satisfied clients! After reviewing your information, it looks as if you would qualify and benefit from our state regulated Debt Negotiation Hardship Program. We have done extensive research in the industry, including compliance with the new Federal Trade Commission rules and regulations in each and every state as of October 2010!

Golden Financial Services is the ONLY debt negotiation company in the industry that is A rated and accredited by the BBB!!
Selecting candidates for paid training and guaranteed job placement as a debt resulution specialist upon graduation. Including educational seminars and educational resources.

This month we helped a family with $58,501.00 in total unsecured debt, by settling with their creditors for a TOTAL equaling only $19,660.00. That included all fees, with no additional interest. They are now completely debt free from all unsecured debt and currently looking to refinance their home and rebuild their credit.
Golden Financial Services is proud to announce the launching of the new program where consumers pay nothing up front and where Golden Financial Services takes on all the liabilities and costs for consumers to obtain help with unsecured debts. Golden Financial Services collects their fees after the consumers debt has been satisfied and all fees come out of the savings, not the consumers pocket. This new program allows consumers to have the comfort necessary when signing up with a company to get help with their unsecured debts. This day and age when paying up front fees, there are no guarantees that you will have a successful program so getting debt help can be risky. Of course having a good rating with the BBB and top credentials satisfies most consumers, but there is still always that feeling of discomfort when paying $1,000s of dollars up front. Having a company help consumers that has top credentials and also charges nothing up front, well that is a wonderful situation! Most companies cannot afford , or in better terminology they do not have the financial stability to take on that type of liability. With years of success Golden Financial Services has developed the track record necessary in order to have the confidence needed to launch this program. knowing that in the end when success has been accomplished, Golden Financial Services will end up earning their fees to survive and continue to grow as a company. Any type of debt help is stressful and at Golden Financial Services we understand that. Golden Financial Services does not have a magic wand to make an individuals debts disappear, but proven methods through years of experience and training keep the pain short. Of course a massive number of clients equaling millions of dollars in unsecured debts creates an extreme amount of leverage leading to successful negotiations with the credit card companies. This leverage leads to the solidification of discounts with the credit card companies. Realize anything besides paying your creditors on time in combination with a feasible income, can negatively affect your credit. On the other hand this is not a perfect world and we are all susceptible to hardship, so over here at Golden Financial Services we have the supply for the demand in regards to financial help. In every day life when an individual has an illness, the goal it so minimize the time of being sick and then strengthen your immune system afterwards. Being sick with an illness is not a pleasant feeling. The goal it to get better fast, keeping the pain short. That is how Golden Financial Services aids in helping individuals through financial hardship. It is never an easy road to healing your financial situation, but over here at Golden Financial Services we take pride in the fact that we help individuals to recover fast. When an individual suffers from an injury and they need surgery, one can get the surgery, rehabilitate, then do physical therapy and ultimately rebuild. Possibly becoming stronger in the end! On the other hand, one suffering an injury could avoid the surgery and take pain medication for the rest of their life. They are now suffering from addiction and never fully recover. That is similar to a person who suffers from a financial hardship, but then chooses to deal with their situation by declaring Bankruptcy. When an individual declares Bankruptcy did you know that it could show up on your public records if you try to get a job possibly 8 years down road. Do you know that if you choose to finance a new car 6 years down the road, you will automatically have the highest interest rates when a lender finds a Bankruptcy on your credit. The negatives go on and on, so the quick fix of Bankruptcy or Debt Consolidation, only act as a bandage and the adverse affects can last a long time. With Bankruptcy and Debt Consolidation the affects can last for 7-10 years Vs. 36 months or less on the new programs. The downside of our new programs includes creditor phone calls in the beginning and a possible decline in ones credit score. Upon graduation and once becoming debt free, there will be no 3rd party notation on your credit and that means its time to rebuild. You will also have an improvement in your debt to income ratio as your accounts are paid off. Your debt to income ratio accounts for a large percent of your credit worthiness. We will provide our clients the educational resources while on our program 24/7 online and monthly updates on credit news, literature and other educational resources in the personalized library that all clients have access to. Getting out of debt is only half the battle, staying out of debt forever and rebuilding your credit lasts a lifetime!

Below is information on our company and program. Golden Financial Services is the only Debt Negotiation company in the industry that is A rated and accredited by the BBB! Please remember all our customer service representatives are members of United States Organization of Bankruptcy Alternatives (USOBA
A Debt Negotiation program is designed to reduce your debt by lowering the principle on your total debt and allow you to pay it off in affordable monthly payments. Debt Negotiation programs are a viable alternative to bankruptcy. The program is designed to immediately reduce your debt-to-income ratio, which in turn improve your credit score and profile. In fact this will allow you to improve your situation quicker and for less money. The reasons for this is because your FICO (credit score) is mainly made up of two components, your payment history, and your total debt to income ratio. In the previous years a borrower would easily qualify for financing based on credit score more so than total debt ratio, but in this drastic turn of events in our current economy, the finance industry will not lend to any borrower unless they are able to show the ability to repay their debts. This proves that a borrower is not a risk in the eyes of a lending institution.

There are only FIVE (5) options.

The FIRST option is Bankruptcy. Currently more than 6,000 people file for Bankruptcy protection in America every single day. Unfortunately, the creditors were able to lobby Congress, and the Bankruptcy laws were changed about three (3) years ago. Now most people that find themselves filing for a Chapter 7 expecting to get out from under their unsecured debts, only to find themselves bounced into a Chapter 13 after several months, which is basically a government controlled consolidation. They will be put on a 60 month plan to give back as much of the debts as possible, and the whole program is very intrusive, with the Trustee and the creditors knowing every single dollar coming into and going out of their household every month for the next five (5) years! To make matters worse, after all that, they still get the negative mark of Bankruptcy on their credit report for 7-10 years.

The SECOND option is Consolidation. Consolidation will close your accounts and only reduce the interest rates while you pay off 100% of the current balance plus consolidation fees. It will post negative on your credit throughout the process and a derogatory CC will show on the credit report upon graduation for several years, similar to a Bankruptcy.

The THIRD option is Credit Counseling. Credit counseling is almost just like consolidation but on an individual creditor separately scale. Money is sent to the credit counselors or through them to the creditors each month. Each creditor has agreed to close your account and only reduce the interest rate while you pay off 100% of the current balance plus counseling fees. It will post negative on your credit throughout the process and a derogatory CC (Credit Counseling) will show on the credit report upon graduation for several years, similar to a Bankruptcy.

The FOURTH option, and the best for most people, is getting into a legitimate Debt Negotiation Hardship Program run by one of the handful of reputable companies that have been doing these programs for over a decade. The debts are negotiated and settled for less than 100% of the balances owed including the program fees. Then the credit score levels off and improves as each account is negotiated and settled throughout the program. The client is able to get the best results not just with how much money they will pay to resolve the debts, but also regarding their credit report! The creditors will post that the account was paid as agreed by the client, in full, with a zero balance! The programs are designed to give Americans the fresh start they deserve, getting them out from under the debts they are having trouble with, back on their feet, and in control of their financial future again. A FRESH START!
Golden Financial Services has been helping people for over a decade, with getting out from under their debts, settling the debts for pennies on the dollar, and getting the positive posting by the creditors that get clients back on their feet and back in control of their finances and financial future.
Here at Golden Financial Services, all of our negotiators have a membership with the United States Organization of Bankruptcy Alternatives (USOBA) and that regulates the constant updates and changes in all the federal laws and regulations to ensure that all of our clients receive only the top service. Our customer service department currently settles approximately 13 million dollars in debt per month.
USOBA is the governing body that regulates, registers, and monitors those operating the Hardship Programs. This is certainly a sure sign of legitimacy and reputability for our clients when considering who to trust to help them during their time of need! Start With Trust by going to the Better Business Bureau!
When you get there simply click on USA site, then click where it says "check out a business or charity", then put in debt settlement and put a check where it says: Limit my results to BBB Accredited Businesses and Golden Financial Services will be the ONLY company that pops up.

The FIFTH option is to DO NOTHING. Americans who do nothing continue to send more and more money they do not have and certainly can't afford to their creditors each month in fees, penalties and continually rising interest rates, in the form of minimum payments. Each month they get a bill for the same amount or just a bit higher or lower than what they were sent the month before.
It is quite the Merry Go Round!
Americans go without more and more for them and their families, and tighten their financial belts more and more, while they pay more and more for everything they buy with a dollar that more and more buys less and less.
Their unsecured debts consume them!
Let alone if there is an emergency or even the slightest drop in income. Many lose more of what they have worked so hard for, sometimes even losing everything, rather than just stepping off the Merry Go Round. Their creditors drained them dry and tossed them aside.

Bankruptcy Chapter 7 =
Paying 0% of unsecured debts.
Bankruptcy on credit during, and for 7-10 years.
Costs: Less than $30,000

Bankruptcy Chapter 13 =
Up to 60 month program to repay as much of the unsecured debts as possible.
Bankruptcy on credit during, and for 7-10 years.
Costs: Less than $30,000

Consolidation =
Paying 100% of debts lowered interest fees.
CC on credit, similar to Bankruptcy during and for several years.
Costs: More than $30,000

Consumer/Credit Counseling =
Paying 100% of debts lowered interest fees.
CC on credit, similar to Bankruptcy during and for several years.
Costs: More than $30,000

Hardship Program =
Pay less than the full principle
A short term negative effect on credit, with long term positive effects, as debts are settled one by one through graduation.
Costs: Less than $30,000

At 20% interest and minimum payment of $600.
No credit available due to DTI (debt to income ratio) and inability to make payments.
Costs: Minimum $65,400 in 109 months.

The bottom line is very simple.

A Debt Negotiation Hardship Program with a legitimate and reputable company, is absolutely the best option and choice for anyone who cannot get a Chapter 7. If you are already behind on your bills and dealing with creditor phone calls, or about to be, now is the time to get into a Hardship Program. You will get out from under the debts for pennies on the dollar, and get back on your feet sooner, rather than later if ever. You will be debt free with positive postings to your credit report, and take back control of your finances and financial future! Giving you the Fresh Start you deserve! Contact me immediately for more info and / or to start the process today! (866) 491-3095 If qualified for a Hardship Program, we will advise you of the programs available to you. After that, we are here for comments, questions, concerns and or to help you enroll if you choose to. Here at Golden Financial Services, we pride ourselves on honesty and compassion for our clients. Together we will get you through this tough time and we promise to always do our best and we put that in writing, and always have.
We've been helping Americans step off the Merry Go Round for many years and we can help you. Trust us, YOU CAN DO IT!
My sincerest best thoughts and good energy, to you and yours for health, happiness, harmony, and a fresh start to your financial future!
Our awesome negotiation platforms, Golden Financial Services, is perhaps now the largest in the nation. With 10 years of experience and long term BBB accreditation, they have established the day to day working relationships with the creditors, and the client trust, which insures some of the best settlement amounts, a smoother process for everyone, and industry leading client retention and referral rates. You will know you made the right choice for you and yours to stand together with us in this difficult time.
Please note we use negotiators which, as a member of the United States Organizations for Bankruptcy Alternatives ("USOBA"), regularly receives and has access to support and information regarding best practices in the debt settlement services industry. This includes information about state and federal laws, best marketing practices, consumer protection and more. As a USOBA member, our negotiators are committed to providing the best possible customer care experience. If you, as a customer serviced by a USOBA member company, would like to contact USOBA regarding your experience with us, please feel free to do so by calling USOBA.
Following a debt resolution plan requires long-term commitment from both you and us. It is important that you realize that there are potential benefits and potential obstacles to successfully completing any program

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