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650 2 Bd 1bth Applicances Locust

650 2 Bd 1bth Applicances Locust
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Joyce L Shifflett
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1144b St Clair Avenue
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Listing Type:Apartment For Rent
Living Area:750 Sq Ft
Year Built:1972
1144b St Clair Avenue
Charlottesville, VA 22901

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HAS BEEN RENTED. PLEASE SEE SIDE A. SIDE B Email to get on email list if you are interested in renting in the future. Open House (best to email first) Sat and/or Sun 1:00 to 5:00 $650/m. 1st, last, SD u pay utilities 2 bdrm (10.5x10.5, 12x10.5), 1 bath (10x4), livingrm (10.5x15), kitchen (12x13) duplex apartment. No HOA. No maintenance. No basement. New siding; floored, lighted, outlet, exhaust fans attic; lighted, covered crawl space; new gas HVAC, ceramic top stove, washer, dryer; refrigerator; CO-smoke detectors fire extinguishers every room; insulation roof, ceiling, walls (double), and floor; R10 windows; wood floors; knotted pine walls; shed; underground electrical lines; outside outlets; gutter guards; flood lights, dishwasher; instantaneous water heater; refurbished and expanded kitchen (sorry no new cabinets at this time); new bathroom vanity, light bars, plumbing, shower door; new kitchen counter tops; drawer slides; new interior doors; mirrored sliding closet doors; paint, polyurethane, patched walls; lights under kitchen cabinets; large yard wooded area; off street parking; quiet neighborhood; scenic views; desired NE location; convenient to Downtown, Pantops, 3 city parks, schools, MJ Hospital, bus lines, etc.; constant improvements. Priorities: property respect, rent, duration, N/D, N/S, N/P. Email info inspection. Name, phone, email. $10 application. 1144B St Clair Ave, Charlottesville, VA 22901


St. Clair Avenue is DISCONTINUOUS! You can not get there from here! Well, actually you can, but you have to go around. Do NOT Disturb Tenants! Driving east on US 250 By-Pass; to ramp to Locust Ave (river too far); turn left-N from city. (MJH wrong direction.) End Locust Ave, turn right Locust Lane, hit duplex. OR Driving east on US 250 By-Pass; at Rivanna River Free Bridge, turn between CVS and Autozone River Road. 2nd street on right, St. Clair Ave. Last property on right. Two mailboxes.

St Clair Ownership History

Purchased in 1980 by parents and son equally. This Owner was in St. Louis, Mo at the time and only went into it as a retirement for the other Owners.

Side A:
At the time of purchase a person was living in Side A. She lived there for about 20 years. When the mortgage was paid off, the Owners started fixing up the duplex (quite frankly it was a dump) and raising the rent to cover our cost. At present, this Owner is personally $15,000 out of pocket. Eventually, the person felt that the rent was getting too high and decided to move out. At the time she moved out, the ranch house across the street was for rent. A house on the right and a house on the left down St. Clair Avenue for rent. A house on River Road was for rent. A house a block up on Locust Avenue was for rent. She moved elsewhere. When she moved out she broke the storm door glass $380.00 and severely scratched the door and shafted us on the cost.

The Owners rented the duplex out to a friend of one of the Owners who had a dog. In the first the week, the dog ripped off and chewed up the downspout on the front of Side B, did the same to the metal corner of the shed, and ripped the screen and scratched the door extremely on the $780.00 storm door that the Owners had just installed. The Owners gave the man a choice of either getting rid of the dog or leaving. He left and shafted us on the rent.

The next Tenants the were two young professional ladies who stayed about a year then moved to different cities for jobs. Charlottesville has a tendency to be very transient occupational wise. One Tenant's mother thank us for sending them the security deposit and last monthís rent. They the were excellent Tenants.

The next Tenant was a PhD professional who was here about a year and a quarter. She moved for professional reasons. She was an excellent Tenant.

The next Tenant was a couple who had planned to stay for 3 years, but for personal reasons left after 1 year.

The last Tenant was an engineer and was a very good Tenant.

Currently occupied.

Side B:
At the time of purchase, the current Tenant was a Christian young man whom some Owners kicked out over this Owner's severe objections to let a relative move in, in spite of the fact that the other Owners had a larger place into which the relative could have moved. The relative moved out after a few months.

An electronics technician moved in and stayed for about 8 years. He had an old dog which urinated very much and ruined the wood floor. The last estimate to replace the living room floor was $1800.00.

The next Tenant was a self employed data processing professional. Unfortunately, because of a communication breakdown, she changed her mind rather abruptly, which is why the Owners try to make sure that potential Tenants understand what they are getting into. After she moved out the Owners started to refurbish Side B.

The Owner(s) have never actually evicted anyone nor do the Owner(s) want to do so for obvious reasons, however ....

Not currently occupied.

Virginia Residential Lease Agreement Summary (READ!!!!!)

A. Financial
(a) Application Fee/group $10.00. Late Fee $10.00 per day. Return Check Charge $50.00 per incident. First Monthís Rent, Security Deposit = 2 each $650.00. For every five years that a Tenant stays rent is reduced $10.00/month.
(b) Cash, Certified Check, Cashiers Check or Regular Check MUST be cleared for all payments in full before payment is consider to have been made, any documents to be considered valid, and BEFORE beginning to move in. Only First Month's Rent may be prorated.
(c) Each month's rent is due and must be received three days BEFORE the first day of the month. If the rent is not received three days BEFORE the first of the month and/or does NOT CLEAR the bank, then eviction procedures start immediately. The reason for this immediate action is because the legal process takes a month and if not started immediately, the Owner(s) lose TWO monthsí rent.
(d) Any check received early will NOT be cashed before the first of the month so that the Tenant(s) will not be punished for sending the check early. Cash must be counted by both Owner(s) and Tenant(s) in the presence of the other.
(e) Each Tenant(s) is liable for the entire Lease Agreement.
(f) By law the Owner(s) are required to put a Security Deposit into a CD that draws interest. The interest will draw to the last day of the Tenant(s)'s last month and will be proportioned to the amount of Security Deposit that is returned.
(g) Lease is on a month-to-month basis. Because the cost, in both time and money, is extremely high, $400.00 to $600.00 per month in advertising costs and a whole month of effort, to find new Tenants, in spite of the fact that the lease is from month to month, if the Tenant(s) leaves for ANY reason before 6 months, the Tenant(s) forfeits the Security Deposit.

B. Documentation
(a) ALL documents, Lease Application, Lease Agreement, Move In/Move Out Checklist , DMV Information Form, Tenant Emergency Contact Information, and Permission for Utility Records, MUST be submitted, signed, and filed BEFORE beginning to move in.
(b) Anyone 18, or becomes 18 during the term of the lease, or older who lives in the duplex is required to be a signatory to the lease. The Owners are trying to find a co-habitation agreement.
(c) Like most standard leases, the maximum yearly sleepover is two the weeks total for ALL sleepovers. Tenant(s) are required to call the Owner(s) immediately with, personal and auto description, and length of stay of anyone staying overnight Ė defined as anyone who stays pass 11:00PM. The rationale for this information is so the Owner(s) will not accidentally call the police about break-ins. Anyone who resides at the duplex for more than the standard two-the week maximum sleep over must have fulfilled all the requirements for tenancy, the lease requirements, BEFORE the end of the two-the week sleepover. No more than 4 sleepovers in one night.
(d) Each Tenant(s) must have a working email address. No computer is required. No ISP (Internet Access Provider) is required. If a Tenant(s) moves out, the Owner(s) may need to contact each former Tenant(s). To get on mailing lists, please send the Owner(s) an email.
(e) Each Tenant(s) must provide the license plate number, VIN number, make, model, year, and description of each vehicle and driver's license number of each Tenant(s) driver. A completed DMV Information Form MUST be signed BEFORE beginning to move in. A READABLE copy of each Vehicle Registration Card and each Tenant(s)ís Driverís License Card attached to the DMV Information Form is required.
(f) The Rental Utility Kit, including all appliances' instructions, rental forms, hangers, fishing line, stove cleaner, dryer lint brush, etc. MUST be returned before the Security Deposit is returned or their expense will be deducted.
(g) By law, the Owner(s) are required to give the Tenant(s) 24 hours notice (except in emergencies) before entering the interior premises, but Tenant(s) cannot deny the Owner(s) access. The Tenant(s) may be present if desired, but are not required to be present. Owner(s) will notify the Tenant(s) via email. Then, the Owner(s) will print out a hard copy of the email and place it on the Tenant(s)ís door. A telephone call may also be made. After email notification, the entering procedure is that the Owner(s) will knock on the door three times three separate times. If the Owner(s) get no response, the Owner(s) will open the door slightly, knock on the door again three times and loudly ask if anyone is home. If the Owner(s) do not receive a response, the Owner(s) will enter the premises to do work. Inspection of the premises and regular maintenance will probably occur at least once a month. No notification will be given for coming onto the exterior premises.
(h) In order to disturb the Tenant(s) as little as possible and for maintenance and renovation purposes (at least a monthly occurrence), the Tenant(s) must notify the Owner(s) a minimum of 24 hours before going away for a day or more.
(i) For maintenance and marketing reasons, permission must be granted to obtain utility data or copies of ALL utility bills must be provided to the Owner(s) as the bills are received or with the monthly payment.
(j) Nothing the Owner(s) communicates overrides the tenets of the Lease Agreement.
(k) The law requires that the Owner(s) give out no information about the Tenant(s) except for legal reasons or as allowed by the Tenant(s). The Owner(s) require the same of the Tenant(s).
(l) Non-enforcement of a tenet of the Lease Agreement does not negate the tenet.

C. Physical
(a) No more than four people except one set of immediate family per side. No more than two cars per side on the property. All motor vehicles must be kept in the driveway or street or in the case of motorbikes may be pushed to and from the shed or back yard.
(b) Except for normal the wear and tear, like a bull in a china shop, if you break it you pay for it including labor costs, taxes, services charges etc. The Owner(s) decide whether or not damage is normal the wear and tear. Payment will be immediate or the eviction process will start immediately and the Owner(s) will ask for payment of all damages, rent, time costs, etc in court.
(c) All Tenant(s) are required to allow us to use any utilities (electric, water, heating, etc.) the Owner(s) need to do repairs, maintenance, refurbishment, etc.
(d) Nothing is to be left in the front yard or porch except perhaps porch style chairs. One summer someone complained about the Owner(s) eyesore of a truck, so the next year, the Owner(s) wrapped the truck up and the Owner(s) not only received complaints, but a police citation as well. The Owner(s) spent a month doing research for the legal challenge. If the Owner(s) do not complain about the front yard, the neighbors will. The back yard is open to use.
(e) No work of any kind by anyone is to be done on or to the duplex without the Owner(s)ís permission. The Owner(s) are to be contacted 24 hours before with the time and date of any work contracted by the Tenant(s). When in doubt, ASK.
(f) No open flames are allowed inside or outside in the front or within 30 feet of the rear of the duplex. Cooking generates a terrible smoke that makes the walls filthy. A flat area in the back yard may be used for barbecuing.
(g) When one side is vacant, the existing Tenant(s) have complete use of the exterior.
(h) No tape, sticky paper, nails, etc. are allowed on any wood piece except for the purpose of hanging curtains. Any pictures must be hung gallery style with hooks and fishing line provided in the Rental Utility Kit.
(i) A shower curtain must be hung over the bathroom window.
(j) Access and use of the lawn in front is split by the walkway for each side and in back is split by the center of the building except all Tenants have access to the door to the crawl space, the shed, the wooded area to the north, the front walkway, and the driveway.
(k) No pets unless specifically allowed. Acceptance depends upon the Tenant(s)ís confidence in the behavior of the Tenant(s)ís pet. The Tenant(s) will bear the consequences of any action that it may take. Is the pet the well behaved? Is the pet the well trained? Does it obey the Tenant(s) commands? Does the pet chew on furniture or other things? Does the pet attack other people? How much does the pet vocalize such that it might disturb other Tenants or neighbors (actually both neighbors have dogs also)? Does the pet know not to go to the bathroom inside the house? Do you walk the pet regularly? Does the Tenant(s) keep the pet in a cage when the Tenant(s) is not there? (One Tenant had a friend who came down from Washington on the weekends with a BIG dog, but she also had a BIG indoor cage in which to keep him when she was not there.) Before the Owner(s) had a lease agreement, the Tenant who lived there for 20 years bought a big Great Dane without telling the Owner(s). However, he was basically a big lovable puppy and never caused a problem and so the Owner(s) said nothing. Unfortunately, she then ALSO bought a small dog that barked a lot and was a real hyper handful. The Owner(s) still did not say anything, but the Owner(s) the Owners were beginning to be a little concerned. The PhD Tenant had a kitten. Personally, the Owner(s) love dogs, but the Owner(s) have found out from a rental point of view that they can cost a lot of money damage wise.
(l) Replacement of locks is NOT considered normal wear and tear. ONE key is given for ONE lock. The replacement of any locks will be charged to the Security Deposit. Keys are NOT to be duplicated by the Tenant(s). Non return of any key requires lock replacement.
(m) No tobacco products are allowed on the premises period. The Tenant(s) agrees to take a controlled drug test at any time as requested by the Owner(s). If the drug test is negative, the Owner(s) pays for the drug test. If the drug test is positive, the Tenant(s) pays for the drug test and the Tenant(s) will be required to vacate the premises immediately. Refusal to take the test is the same as a positive. The Owner(s) will probably never ask, but because of recent changes to Virginia law, the Owner(s) feel that the Owner(s) must cover the possibility.
(n) The Owner(s) reserves the right to restrict anyone other than the Tenant(s) from accessing the property at any time.

(Frequently Asked Questions)
(WIP Work In Progress)

1. Why are tobacco products not allowed on the property?
a. Smokers make up less than 24% of the rental market and it is declining. Once a smoker comes into the property, it ruins it for non-smokers.
b. Insurance companies statistics show that people smoking in bed are the major cause of house fires. The Owners' insurance company rates reflect this risk.
c. 9 out of 10 wildfires are started by humans.
d. Try as the Owners have to seal the dividing wall, the wall separating the two sides still transmits odors.
e. First hand smoke, second hand smoke, third hand smoke. First hand only affects the smoker. Second hand affects others near the smoker. Third hand gets in materials and affects anyone who comes into contact with the material. Your freedom ends where my nose begins.
f. The Owners do not want to have to watch the property continuously.

2. Why does each signatory to the lease have to have their own email address?
a. MANY times Tenants do not communicate information to other Tenants.
b. Each signatory has a right to equal access to any information provided by the Owners.
c. When signatories vacate the premises, the Owners may (will) have to get in touch with the Tenants for legal matters including return of the Security Deposit and Last Month's rent.
d. When Tenants vacate the premises, they often go their separate ways and the Owners OFTEN have to clarify conflicts and get in touch with EACH Tenant.

3. Why does a Tenant have to have an email address?
a. An understanding of emails shows a minimum level of knowledge and intelligence that the Owners would like to see in a potential Tenant.
b. Email provides a date and time stamp record of communication.
c. Emails prevent the Owner from charging the Tenant for Certified Letters on mundane matters.
d. Communication is the biggest problem in most organizations. Hard copy of communication between Owners and Tenants seal what was actually stated even though even writing may be interpreted differently which is why the legal system has a court system.
e. Snail mail addresses usually change when a Tenant moves.
f. Both cell and land line phone numbers can often change when a Tenant moves.
g. Email addresses CAN follow a Tenant wherever the Tenant moves and thus provides a constant communication link to the Tenant.
h. Snail mail costs both the Owners and the Tenants money.
i. Cell phones cost money. The Owners can not justify a cell phone for the rental property. Phones in general waste time with phone tag.
j. Land line phones cost money.
k. Computers cost money, but many organizations libraries, schools, businesses (both for employees usually for business only although some allow personal use and customers Wi-Fi hot spots ) often provide free Internet access.
l. Cell phone service costs money. Many organizations often provide free phone service, but its use is often for business only.
m. Land line phone service costs money. Many organizations often provide free phone service, but its use is often for business only.
n. Internet service can cost money, but DSL can be as cheap as a land line phone , but many organizations libraries, schools, businesses (both for employees and customers Wi-Fi hot spots ) often provide free Internet access.
o. Computer service can cost money, but DSL can be as cheap as a land line phone , but many organizations libraries, schools, businesses (both for employees and customers Wi-Fi hot spots ) often provide free computer access. Email saves both the Owners and the Tenants a lot of time and money.
p. Email allows communication between the Owners and the Tenants no matter where either are.
q. Email overrides telephone tag. People often call with questions that make no sense because they did not read the ads, signs, or fliers correctly.
r. Email provides a timed and dated stamp of any communication which like a lease benefits the Tenant as much as the applicant.
s. Email does not discriminate. For new inquiries, the Owners can not tell who is at the other end of the email.

4. Why do the Owners require 3 months rent up front?
a. Requiring 3 months rent allows the Owners to rent to people who might not have the best credit or other history in the world.
b. Requiring 3 months rent provides us with an indication that the potential renter has started to use some good financial management, renters who are not just living day to day, but have plans for their lives.
c. The risk in a rental relationship is ALL on the Owners. Thus, the Owners must cover this risk for people who do not have a good credit history.
d. The Owners figure anyone who can come up with 3 months rent do not require a credit check which save the Owners and thus the applicant a large rental fee.

5. What is under the tarp in the driveway?
a. An International Harvester 21 foot cargo truck.

6. Why is the truck in the driveway?
a. The truck holds construction materials that have been used for the last 6 years working on the duplex.

7. When will the truck be gone?
a. As soon as possible, but work is STILL being done on the property, a new end wall needs to be constructed on the truck, and a place to move the truck to needs to be prepared. When the truck leaves, the Side A rent will go back to $650.00 and Side B rent will go to $700.00.
b. One applicant when told the time frame decided not to rent. Why is it OK for applicants to be picky and not the Owners?

8. Why can over night guests only stay for two weeks a year?
a. Two weeks is a standard in most leases and a standard vacation length. Anything past two weeks is considered "living at the premises". Two weeks overnight is the Tenants' limit not the guests. If someone wants to stay longer, they should simply fill out an application and the Owners will consider them just like any other applicant.
b. Simple mathematics. The more people who live at the premises, the more likely damage will be done.
c. Would the Tenant want someone the Tenant does not know living in the Tenant's bedroom? Hardly! well, the Owners do not want someone the Owners do not know living in the duplex.

9. Why would an Owner expect Tenants to pay for damages? (I can not believe this one.)
a. ACCOUNTABILITY!!!!! Free will!!!! People are responsible for their actions in any society.
b. Rent barely covers normal wear and tear and the Owners, other property owners, and the legal system interpret this very strictly. Better mop the floor when you get it the wet or dirty.
c. Renting property is NOT the same as owning the property. Damaging rental property is the same as damaging property the Tenant is NOT renting.

10. Why are Tenants required to notify the Owners when guests stay past 11:00PM?
a. Anyone who stays past 11:00PM is considered an overnight guest.
b. So both the Owners and the Tenants can keep track of how many overnights the Tenant has used.
c. So the Owners can build a trust in the Tenant such that the Owners do not have to drive by every night and every morning to make sure no one is staying overnight.
d. The Owners can not think of a better method to insure that non-Tenants are not living at the duplex. The Owners welcome any suggestions to improve this requirement.
e. Why 11:00 PM? Can an applicant justify any other time to define what an overnight stay is? If so, tell the Owners!
f. The City of Charlottesville and many governments set curfews (limits) on businesses, drivers, etc. all the time. Recently, a restaurant was effectively shut down by the city because of complaints by the neighbors.
g. So the Owners do not accidentally call the police when the Owners see someone the Owners do not know wandering around the property at night.
h. Many apartments and businesses have doormen (greeters at Walmart), desk clerks (customer service), security guards, and surveillance cameras and actually market these as an asset to the customer. The Owners do not have the resources to have all these items and so the Owners must stop by and/or drive by to keep an eye on the property for maintenance, security, and lease compliance. Having the Tenant call about over night guests can save both the Owners and the Tenants a lot of headaches.

11. Why are Tenants required to AGREE to take drug tests when requested by the Owners?
a. Tenants benefit from such a requirement. YES, really. ALL leases written or otherwise implicitly and usually explicitly specify that Tenants must obey ALL laws. Businesses do not have to prove that one is guilty of a crime. The Owners can ask a Tenant to leave if the Owners suspect that the Tenant is violating a law. As business owners, the Owners do not have to prove guilt. This requirement actually provides a means for the Tenant to prove the Tenant's innocence!
b. New Virginia laws can tie an Owners property up in court for years.
c. The Owners do not want police damaging the Owners property knocking down the doors and windows. A smoke grenade could burn the property down.
d. Having drug users at a property can kill any future marketing of the property and significantly decrease its market value. If a Tenant does not do drugs, the Tenant does not have anything to worry about.

12. Why are Tenants required to provide copies of utility bills?
a. The Owners use the data for marketing and maintenance purposes. And NO the organizations are not going to give the Owners that information about someone else. Why would anyone think that they would?

13. Why are Tenants required to notify the Owners at lease 24 hours before going away for a day or more?
a. So the Owners can schedule maintenance without inconveniencing the Tenants. It is to the Tenants' advantage to have work done when the Tenant is not there. The Owners assume that the Tenant wants the Owners to keep the property in good shape.
b. So the Owners can keep an eye (security) on the property in the absence of the Tenant.

14. Why do the Owners only give Tenants one key to one lock?
a. To keep costs and thus rent down.
b. So the Owners do not have to change every lock in the property and charge the Tenants security deposit for the change. Hiring locksmiths can easily cost three times the security deposit.

15. Why do the Owners keep coming over to the property?
a. The History Channel : "When People Are Gone", i.e. maintenance! Most people do not realize how much work is involved in maintaining ANY property and how quickly Mother Nature takes it toll on ANY property.
b. Lease agreement compliance.
c. Preventive maintenance costs less than rebuilding.
d. When regular maintenance is done, the Owners find more severe problems that need to be dealt with.
e. Different maintenance items have different time frames. Smoke detector tests, grass cutting, sidewalk cleaning usually is suppose to be or should be scheduled every two week. Furnace filters need to be changed almost every month depending upon the type of furnace and filter.
f. Security!

16. Why do the Owners require the rent to be provided two days before the first of the month.
a. So that the "rent will not get lost in the mail!"
b. As the eviction process starts immediately, the two day advance provides an alarm to the Owners that something is wrong and so the Owners can get the error fixed before having to start the eviction process. Maybe the Tenant has been incapacitated or has decided to move out and has not informed the Owners, etc. There could be a number of valid and reasonable causes for the delay that may warrant a late fee, but not eviction, so the two day advance really protects the Tenant as well as the Owner.

17. Why don't the Owners talk to the Tenants?
a. The Owners, for ethical reasons, keep their personal lives and professional lives separate.
b. The Owners talk to the Tenants as little as possible to maintain a sense of privacy for the Tenant.
c. Lending money to a friend is the quickest way to lose a friend. Likewise in any business venture. When professional relationships develop into personal ones, the Tenants often expect favored treatment which for legal reasons the Owners can not do.
d. Again, communication is the biggest problem in any organization. By the lease, nothing the Owners say overrides the lease. Telling 24 people something gets 24 different interpretations of what was said.

18. Why do you rent month to month yet require Tenants to stay at least six months?
a. The risk factor! Tenants can do a lot of damage in a small amount of time and the Owners want to be able to get destructive Tenants out of the duplex as soon as possible and renting on a month to month basis gives the Owners much more legal leeway. Good Tenants have nothing to worry about. ALL Owners want to rent property as long and as continuous as possible.
b. The month to month is for the Owners' benefit not the Tenants although such a time frame does allow the Tenants to move at a time that may be convenient to the Tenants and not to the Owners. The Owners do NOT want the Tenants to come in for a few months and then leave because of the overhead associated with marketing a property.

19. Why do the Owners charge certified letters to the Tenants security deposits?
a. In rental property, enforcement in most rental agreements is kind of an all or nothing deal. The Owners either kick the Tenants out or let them stay. The Owners have only sent a Tenant one certified letter and that was just to gather information, but the procedures for covering all possibilities have to be in effect upon signing the lease. Charging for certified letters lets the Tenants know that the Owners are serious about enforcing a tenet of the lease without having to kick the Tenants out.

20. Why do the Owners require a copy of applicants' driver's licenses?
a. No it is not just to keep out illegal aliens although that may be a side effect. Many people have fake driver's licenses. Drivers' licenses, although not a fool proof system, do provide some measure of an applicant's identity, honesty, reliability in getting things done on time (like rent payments), etc.

21. Why do you not give out applications when people visit the property?
a. Marketing material can easily cost $500.00 every time the Owners market the property. The Owners used to give out fliers and applications when prospective Tenants stopped by, but often the sightseers are not really serious. Thus, the Owners have initiated web and email communication to provide applicants with all the information. Applicants often take an application and NEVER fill them out. Copies of the Lease Agreement never seem to return either. †That costs money.
b. The Owners want applicants to read ALL the information to insure that the applicants are serious and so the applicants understand exactly what their responsibilities are.

22. Why do the Owners have so many forms to fill out?
a. Looking on the web, one will find at least 25 forms that property managers use. The Owners only use about 4 forms.
b. The forms and procedures that the Owners use is actually to the Tenant's benefit as much as the Owners. Most laws and leases are a two edge sword. The Owners establish procedures as much as to prevent the Owners from having to evict a Tenant as to evict them. Yes, really! Remember Owners do not want to evict anyone! Most Tenants are NOT well informed of the Tenants' responsibilities. The procedures and forms are also to remind the Tenants so that the Tenants do not do something that will force the Owners to evict the Tenants. Remember, the Owners want to earn money not evict the Tenants. BUT the lease has to be enforced.

23. Why do the Owners make the Tenants read the lease out loud before signing?
a. A copy of the full lease is not given to the applicants until the day of signing unless the applicants are willing to read the lease in the presence of the Owners. Applicants often take a lease to read and then never return it. Leases cost a lot of money to print. An old copy of the lease is on the web.

24. Why is the Lease Agreement so long?
a. The Lease Agreement is no longer than any lease that one signs at an apartment complex. Apartment leases are in print so small that one can hardly read it. The Owners WANT the Tenants to understand what the Owners and the Tenants responsibilities are. Thus, the print is large enough to easily read.

25. Why do the Owners and the Tenants have to initial each page?
a. To insure that neither party tries to slip in a different page.

26. Why do the Owners provide a locked mailbox for leaving the rent payment?
a. The wind can not blow the rent away.
b. The rain or snow can not get the rent wet.
c. No one can take the rent.
d. The Owners can tell if the rent has met the deadline.
e. The Tenant can deliver the rent when the Owners are not available and/or at the Tenants' convenience.

27. Can the Tenants pay in cash?
a. Yes. However, in the presence of both the Owners and the Tenants, the rent must be counted by the Tenants and then by the Owners.

28. Will the Owners give the Tenants a receipt?
a. The Owners will only give a receipt for cash because a check, certified check, money order could possibly be stopped. The Tenants also may not have sufficient funds to cover the check. All checks will show up in the Tenants' accounts.

29. Why do ALL Tenants have to sign and initial the Lease Agreement?
a. Because anyone who lives at the apartment who is 18 or older must be a signatory to the Lease Agreement.
b. Because EACH Tenant is responsible for the ENTIRE Lease Agreement and finances.

Applicant Rental Procedure

Ad Methodology

1. Applicants reads ad.

2. ALL applicants email the Owners.

3. The Owners email ALL applicants information.

4. Applicants read information email sent by the Owners.

5. ALL applicants email a request for inspection of property, time and date.

6. The Owners email ALL applicants regarding agreed upon time and date of inspection.

7. Repeat 4. and 5. as often as necessary to come to a mutually agreed solution.

8. ALL applicants inspect property.

8. If interested, applicants request applications, one for each applicant.

9. ALL applicants fill out their applications COMPLETELY.

10. ALL applicants put their application in the appropriate mail box at duplex.

11. ALL applicants email the Owners that the applicant has put their application into the appropriate mail box at duplex.

12. The Owners review the applications and email the applicants the Owners' decision.

13. ALL applicants and the Owners establish a move in date.

14. ALL applicants and the Owners establish a MoveIn inspection, lease agreement reading, signing, and paying time, date, and location. The date must allow time for all information to have been provided, all forms to be signed, and payment to have cleared BEFORE actually moving in.

15. All applicants bring all required information and materials (application fee if the applicants have not paid, 1st month, last month, security deposit, copies of ALL drivers licenses, copies of ALL vehicle identification cards, ALL social security numbers) to the established signing time, date, location.

16. All applicants read the Lease Agreement out loud in the presence of the Owners and ALL applicants.

17. All applicants and the Owners exchange information, materials, payment, fill out forms, resolve any differences, and sign lease agreement.

18. The Owners make a copy of the MoveInMoveOut Checklist, Lease Agreement, and any other forms and place in the appropriate mail box to be picked up by ALL applicants.

19. All applicants move in.


Sight Seeing Tour Methodology

1. Applicants see poster.

2. All applicants inspect property.

3. ALL applicants send the Owners email to get information.

4. The Owners email ALL applicants information.

5. ALL applicants read information email sent by the Owners.

6. If interested, ALL applicants request applications, one for each applicant.

7. ALL applicants pick up the applications from the appropriate mail box at the apartment.

8. ALL applicants fill out their applications COMPLETELY.

9. ALL applicants put their applications in appropriate mail box at duplex.

10. ALL applicants email the Owners that ALL applicants have put their applications into the appropriate mail box at the apartment.

11. The Owners review ALL applications and email ALL applicants the Owners' decision.

12. ALL applicants and the Owners establish a move in date.

13. ALL applicants and the Owners establish MoveIn inspection, lease agreement reading, signing, and paying time, date, and location. The date must allow time for all information to have been provided, all forms to be signed, and payment to have cleared BEFORE actually moving in.

14. ALL applicants bring all required information and materials to the established signing time, date, location.

15. ALL applicants and the Owners exchange information, payment, fill out forms, resolve any differences, and sign lease agreement.

16. The Owners make a copy of the DMV Information, MoveInMoveOut Checklist, and Lease Agreement and place in appropriate mail box to be picked up by ALL applicants.

17. ALL applicants move in.

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