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Free Land Lease Opportunity For 6 Economically Devastated Familys

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30 Miles East Gainesville Fl
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East Of Gainesville
East Of Gainesville, FL

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Free Land Lease Opportunity For 6 Economically Devastated Families (East of Gainesville)

Free Land Lease Opportunity For 6 Economically Devastated Families (This beautiful peaceful property is Located 30 miles East of Gainesville, 5 miles from Melrose & Hawthorne, 15 miles from Keystone Hts. FL)

"This Message Is Being Sent On The Wings Of Faith That It Will Be Delivered/Shared As Needed"

This beautiful peaceful property is Located 30 miles East of Gainesville, 5 miles from Melrose & Hawthorne, 15 miles from Keystone Hts. FL. Please read the entire posting before emailing me for questions. Deadline for submission has been shortened to August 15, 2010 to allow enough time to prepare for winter.

If you are a naturalist with a survivalist spirit who would enjoy living simply, off the land, Come Back to Nature' and participate in a pilot program designed for Families in Need - Helping Each Other Journey/Survive through the current financial crisis: This is a rare long-term, potentially permanent opportunity for 6 responsible hard working Families who live their lives according to a code of decent honorable values. I wish to help hard working decent people who have been financially devastated; resulting in home foreclosure with loss of their immediate housing security, job and assets, secondary to the 2008 2010 banking fiasco. Families with nowhere to turn for help may apply. I am a private individual with approximately 35 acres of unused land, I intend to offer 6 long term lease grants (up to one quarter of an acre each) which will be provided FREE for you, to develop your own personal onsite family living area. This offer will be in exchange for your family’s ground level participation in this survival internship pilot program.

My idea is to develop and maintain a simple basic small community concept; living a simple lifestyle that offers common benefit through the co shared development of alternative sustainable living programs. Participants will enjoy common areas assigned that are removed from their private/personal living sites. All family members must help the group by actively participating in the proposed basic survival, communal project planning and development, Assignments will be in accordance to each individual capabilities/skills and abilities/desire to learn new survival skills. This project will be similar to the Habitat for Humanity projects but instead of building for others, you will build for each other, in mutual participation for each family’s sustainable benefit. Participants may pick and develop your own private living site from within the desirable lots designated for that purpose. We will then work together to develop approx., part of the 20-30 acres into a aesthetically pleasing wild plant/nature conservatory, allocating enough designated land to be used to provide food such as common and wild vegetables, fruits, honey, foul, eggs, animal husbandry, edible fish and worms. The food and alternative energy projects developed on the common areas will be shared by ALL involved participants who actually reside onsite actively participating with this long-term, potentially permanent project.

Qualifying Requirements: No deadbeats please, a comprehensive Criminal check of all family members, including juveniles is mandatory. You should have maintained a responsible credit history PRIOR to the 2008 "banking induced economic catastrophe", and be able to prove that you have significantly suffered financially as a result of the US economic catastrophe. If you and all your family members have a zero tolerance for illegal and violent activities and substance abuse, and if you all respect the rights and privacies of others, and would like to help each other to learn to live off the land productively, by getting back to the simplicity of nature, then I warmly invite you and your family members to live onsite, learn, work and grow with me in my quest to prove that small communities can and should work together to productively achieve sustainable non-commercialized independence. Together, as a support group, you can strive to develop skills for survival independence; without continuing to be held hostage by corporate America. If we grow our own food, organic fertilizer, creatively use our combined skills, and utilize solar energy and other available creative resources that nature provides us then we can help each other to sustain effectively and efficiently, at the same time steadily increasing your own basic living comforts through mutual group participation/assistance. I believe a mutually long term secure and productive environment can be built within the framework of shared common goals and a good community spirit when a group of like minded people agree to work together cooperatively and fairly for mutual benefit.

This is a straight forward offer for straight forward decent, hard-working people having similar survival needs/interests. The grass root Project begins immediately and will be ongoing indefinitely so long as fair participation and productivity is maintained with regard to the shared resource concepts I have outlined here. Outside employment of at least one family member to supplement your personal income needs and personal future savings is encouraged. If necessary to conserve your family income while saving for more suitable living accommodations "temporary" tents, hay bale, bag or spider shelter, mobile campers, or other safe survival structures are welcomed.

This offer is not part of any business scheme/proposal, social, ethnic, religious, political, or sexual organization. I won't support you financially, but I will help you to support and help yourself by providing long-term use of the land, ideas, and many free resources for training and/or direction to help get you started rebuilding sustainable security in your lives. There are no strings attached other than the property/opportunity is respected, and that you and your family possess and maintain decent moral standards as stipulated herein, and have the willingness and determination to actively participate in developing the related community projects for the explicit purpose of our mutual community development towards long-term survival and equal benefit thereof. Send an Email with your sincere proposal and include how the US economy has devastated your financial security, and other reasons that would qualify your family to be selected for this assistance. Please include your family's willingness/skills and ability to participate fully in a pilot project such as this.

Please Email me for serious inquiries only. There are no free rides meant to be offered here, meaning this is not a a game or cool temporary vacation opportunity. All participants will be expected to prove they have honorably exhausted all possible known options to try to recover their family's security but have run out of resources; and then, if selected, must put forth the commitment and effort to make the project work for each other. There is enough space cleared to begin planting food crops immediately (former Horse/Tree Farm with official size round-pen and various fenced and partially fenced pastures). The area is established agriculture (horses, rodeo, cattle, goat, crops) located outside this proposed community, and the main property has awesome drinking water. Melrose Elementary school is wonderful - but homeschooling with support groups, and state run web-education for children are abundant in the area.

You may use the "Buy It Now" or "Make Offer" buttons on EBay ITEM NO 320561432600 if you you wish to donate to help this project succeed, However more important than cash donations, would be donations for actual supplies and/or development guidance which would be better served to help people to help themselves. Therefore, Volunteers with skills, old used/unused basic building supplies, farm building tools or equipment, worms, straw, gravel, rebar or bamboo, clay, tents, HERITAGE seeds, camping supplies.......or those having important survival teaching knowledge who are willing to lend a helping hand and/or guidance would be deeply appreciated.

Although I am not part of any active political organization I have some strong opinions that as Americans we can set an example by working together peacefully to show others how to actively take back our founding traditional values, rights and freedoms; simply by developing community standards of "independence & cooperative excellence". In my opinion, working together one step at a time is the only way we can regain our traditional national (hence family) securities. If the project I am offering succeeds - I believe it will spread nationwide, sending a clear message to our country leaders that we need similar opportunities granted in small communities to help rebuild America, from the ground up. We need opportunities that work for Americans, NOT against us. We must send the message that it is NOT OK for Corporate America to Rule/Subsidize Our Government decisions - because We The People ARE The People - and ultimately we have the power to either become one of the leaders, or vote-in, or vote-out our Government leaders. That means the buck begins and stops with our level of tolerance and direct action. We have the right to demand action that benefits the whole and demand the right to discard action that hurts grass root American progress and family security.

For example, if more Americans would take a stand to contact their government representatives "IN WRITING" to protest against our government for allowing and supporting Big Business having the right to charge us exhorbitant prices for chemically tainted GMO food - that we did not want to begin with anyway, but was authorized by the government "supposedly because it would feed more people and cost us less money to buy because it would increase supply exponentially" whereby INSTEAD..... they have used those profits from GMO's to become Corporate Monopolies, putting innocent farmers out of business and encouraging and restricting GLOBAL loss of rights "for the people" to plant simple heritage seed crops; and implement "other" egregious restrictions on raising/selling farm animals and byproducts, grown locally for local food. AND, then there are the Banks & Big Businesses who were funded by the Government to provide citizen OPPORTUNITES for restructuring mortgages and small business loans to the people - however instead of honoring the charter/purpose to help the people, the Banks have instead padded their own pockets with unreasonable salaries, severance packages, retirements securities and the economies/people's demise. We The People may be able to help prevent another US Economy meltdown fiasco by starting at ground zero to methodically sow seeds to develop other grass root projects such as the one being proposed here.

The "causative - wag the tail" JUMBO LOAN myth is dead folks......the reality is that responsible law abiding, moral and hard working citizens of the United State of America have been taken for a pied piper ride, many to poverty lane - all because our Government leaders have irresponsibly removed restrictions that paved the path for certain Banks and Global Corps to become TOO BIG TO FAIL.

This message is for those of you who have been caught in that storm, and only have "each other" left. So many good people have been hurt by the 2008-2010 fallout. It's not your fault, you are still the worthy person you were before you lost your material possession, and there is HOPE for finanical security. Don't give up!........AND, my message for you remaining Americans - PLEASE, stop giving in! You have the power to make constructive change! THIS should have NEVER HAPPENED IN AMERICA!

Location: East of Gainesville
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