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A Spirit Among Us . Robe

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Peter Caterham
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Portland, Oregon
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A Spirit Among Us ... ROBE written by Peter G. Caterham, is a true story about how a amazing phenomenon on coins of the westward journey was discovered, and the purpose for which it came. It is a point in time where history, science and religon all converge at the same time space. Mystery, intrigue and haunting truths are discovered on every page that link the errors on the coins to people and events past and present into a network of facts that defy your wildest imagination. You will see this happen right before your eyes in the pictures, charts and system of parallels that begin to develope.

* Did you know there were thousands of errors that happened on the series 2 Bison Nickel of 2005?
* Did you know why?
* Did you know that hundreds of the errors had direct parallels to American history?
* Did you know that the errors all eminate from the buffalo on the coin?
* Did you know the phenomenon expanded to other coins that had a buffalo?
* Did you know a single dollar symbol appeared physically on the nose of Jefferson on the buffalo nickel of 2005?
* Was this an omen of the crash of the U.S. economy of September 2008?
* Did you know the phenomenon was called as a curse on the U.S. Mint?
Find out the answers to these and many, many more as we explore the unknown mysteries of this ever stretching phenomenon.

In the beginning ...

The second coin of the westward journey series was struck from the U.S. Mint in early 2005. There was a new shallow relief side profile of President Jefferson facing right on the obverse and a new bison design facing right on the reverse. As the mint boxes and rolls came out I investigated the new coins on their arrival. At first I found some mechanical errors. Then I hit paydirt. A strange looking plug to the open nostril of Jefferson. then errors to the buffalo. It became apparent after opening a couple of boxes something was wrong. I had longed so much for a new uncirculated bison nickel since I was very young and could only find worn buffalo nickels scarcely from the 30's in pocket change. I turned my focus to an online auction site, where I knew error coins would be listed. And yes other people were finding strange errors to both the buffalo and Jefferson as well. As time went on, a couple of months later I acquired enough coins to call this a phenomenon. I was now purchasing these single and by the mint boxes from different parts of the country. I wanted to see if this was isolated to a specific area and how many of particular errors there was by count. One thing led to another and I was able to write a book that included the whole story of which took three years to compile. Even to this day there are many pieces still falling into place. Like a giant puzzle.

Some of the errors were an absolute eye poping and jaw dropping experience. The underlying idea here was how astonishingly accurate these errors were to history! For example, The severed head chopped tongue buffalo. Now here is two events that occurred together at the time of the great buffalo slaughter. And next was the skinned buffalo. All along the back, down the rump and even the leg was a 45 degree angle that had a sharp edge to it, just as if it was cut by a skinners knife! It gave the impression the hide had been removed. The buffalo on this coin should have had a high rounded edge, instead of one cut at 45 degrees. A very noticeable defect. Then came variations of speared buffalo. One in particular was so accurate that you could see the attached sper head as it cut into the rump of the buffalo. In subsequebnt types the same spear had a large blood drop form and in another the blood drop flowed down the side of the buffalo. Absolutely amazing to behold. This was representative of the vast Indian hunts. And another example of Indian hunts was the severed leg buffalo. The left rear leg had a void of detail where the leg was supposed to attach to the body. A focal point of the butchering for meat, which again. One can see with the two Indian related errors that one error reconfirms the thought that this is an example of hunting. Next was a plug in the nose of Jefferson. This is a wide oval plug in the nostril, resembling a piece of cloth that was wadded up. For what purpose. We look into history and may find the answer from apioneer diary while traveling across Kansas. She writes of the unending stripped carcasess lying out in the sun for two hundred miles. The stench is so bad, we had to cover our noses with hankerchieves. A reflection back to the nostril of Jefferson?

The Parallel Events Theory

The Parallel Events Theory was derived as a foundation of ultimate error coins that connect to each other in parallel form and become a phenomenon. It is essentially the backbone of the ROBE coin family.
When a coin has an error or abnormal physical marking that depicts an event in history it is called a correlation of a specific event, and becomes the first in a possible group of three. When any specific group of like events number more than three it is declared a phenomenon, and will have a direct communication or idea that will be present. (i.e. three different coins with chopped tongue and severed head buffalo) The Parallel Events Theory is therefore a documented communication that happens on the buffalo and identically replicates on the presidential busts, with history as the common denominator. (i.e. although the presidential busts had no chopped tongues, the did however have severed heads.)
The Sioux believe the buffalo represents the universe and the four directions, because he stands on four legs, for the four ages of man. The White Buffalo Spirit told the Sioux, " life is as a circle. What ever you do to any living thing or being inside the circle, you will do to yourself, as you are one."
In regard to ROBE, what ever happens to the buffalo shall also identically happen to any presidential bust if they appear on a coin with a buffalo or relate to them in a parallel sense to the great buffalo slaughter. The severed heads on the presidential busts represent a rotting or decay. It marks the fourth age of man or an end time, just as it meant on the severed head buffalo on the coins and in history.
The theory is where we see for the first time a pattern of parallel lines appear, when applied to paper. But the mystery deepens when we see the origin of each parallel form a shape. The shape is of the mathematical figure infinity. A figure of unknown limits. Could this be in a spiritual sense, a supreme symbol of ultimate power?

A great mystery book, available signed by the author, it will add value to your coin collection! Let me know if you are interested, I'll sign it and you can pick it up or I'll ship it FREE! Just drop me an email. Thank-you.

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