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Make $5000 By Months End. No Selling, Just Promoting. Weekly Pay

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Energy Solutions
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Highly Motivated, Aggressive Go Getters needed to become business PARTNERS with a marketing SUPERSTAR!

Are you looking to make more than 100 thousand dollars your first year?... YOU WILL!

Are you tired of cold calling?... YOU WONíT!

Are you tired of wasting your sales talents on a product or company that is not worthy of your time and efforts?...THIS ISNT THE CASE!

Tired of "selling" people something they don't want or need?.... NOT HERE!

Do you have INTEGRITY and want to work with a company that does?... WE DO!

Do you want to work with a company THAT HELPS PEOPLE?... THATíS WHAT WE DO!

I am going to cut to the chase. Your time is money! & SO IS MINE!

I am starting a new empire and I NEED special business partners.

These special people will work with me side by side building a dominating force in a market that is UNTAPPED throughout Illinois and the United States.

This a ground breaking, life-changing opportunity and I only want replies from people that are SERIOUSLY interested in becoming 100% financially free, FAST!

We will work together, creating a superpower of strength and wealth in an unbelievable trillion-dollar industry that EVERY HUMAN USES habitually!

I have been a millionaire many times over (and can prove it)!

I KNOW THAT MY SUCCESS depends on the people that I work and surround myself with!

This break, this one right set of circumstances, THIS ONE WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY will not come along again. It is time to move and move fast!

You will make tons of money with me and the best part is, you will sleep good at night knowing that all the while you are helping people!

This is so TOTALLY different from ANYTHING that I have ever been involved with! I used to have to come up with ways to sell people and CLOSE HARD! Not anymore.

In 2 short weeks since I came upon this new lease on financial freedom, I have had too much work than I can deal with alone.


To start, I am estimating our first month at $5,000 each. Then our income will grow FAST and EXPONENTIALLY! I am not going to accept ANYTHING less than 300K my first year! And you shouldn't either!

My story, and yes, I am a REAL person! (Not some telephone salesperson luring you into another too highly promised and under delivered scheme!)

My husband is a megastar trader. He was the biggest and best in Chicago & owned his own firm. I found firms millions of dollars in investment money! Together we built our dream life after saving up over 10 million dollars in 5 short years!

After a devastating, one-day event in our trading firm cost us our multi-million dollar lifestyle. We have been dealing with the avalanche effects of that day for 3 years UNTIL 2 weeks ago!...

My husband miraculously went back to work as an energies trader. AND because of this I was introduced to what we are about to explode with TOGETHER!


One thing humans cant live without. We buy it whether we want to or not and we are always looking for ways to save!...WELL NOT US! WE ARE GOING TO PROFIT FROM IT!

The Perfect Product. Everyone uses energy.

No inventory

No collections

No deliveries



Itís going to be like having our OWN TOLL PLAZA on everyoneís house! Every time they heat water, the air or cook food. WE WILL BE THERE TO COLLECT!

How are we going to do this?

We will earn unlimited residual income by helping friends save money on their energy bills.


AND we will show others how to do the same SO THAT OUR EMPIRE WILL FLOURISH!

Customer Selling points:

Energy customers can reduce or eliminate the energy supply charges on their energy bill simply by referring people they know to use our service.

Consultants who are customers are also eligible for the Free Energy program.

Here's how it works:

Refer 15 customers to switch to the best energy service in Illinois.

Receive a credit on the energy supply portion of your bill equal to the average amount of their payments.

This credit applies every month as long as you maintain a minimum of 15 customers who pay their bills.

This credit will either appear on your bill or your new energy company will mail you a check.

If the average payment is equal to or greater than your bill for the month; your energy supply is free!

Gathering customers is EASY! You are selling NOTHING! Friends and family are the first step.

You are simply offering a more cost effective energy solution to them, WITH REWARDS!

Customers get a FREE 2 night hotel voucher just for switching their gas provider. They also earn travel rewards on usage.

Nicor still bills the customer and the customer has NO HASSLES GUARANTEED IN WRITING!

We also Guarantee IN WRITING that the customersí gas will cost LESS THAN NICOR!

THIS IS NOT one of those scam fixed rate energy companies that lock people into long term higher rates!

The customer HAS No CONTRACTS. No FEE"S. No STRING's. No WORRIES! They can switch back at anytime.

WHY is this offered to the customers and no one knows about it? Well, itís through a little known plan with Nicor, called customer select.

To keep the energy markets fair and competitive, the state has stepped in and has become deregulated. This means that our market is no longer a monopoly and customers have a choice.

Most customers have NO idea that they can get their gas cheaper or that this program even exists! They are HAPPY to hear how we can save them MONEY!

This deregulation is what opens the door to our nationwide empire! Very few states are deregulated, but eventually, all will be. This is why this is so ground breaking and ground floor!

I personally know the founding consultant. We can all learn from him. He made $390,000 LAST MONTH! I also know the top Illinois consultant. He made $50,000 last month (which I plan to PLOW OVER!)

If you become my partner, you will also get to personally know these people.

Our company is A+ BBB rated. It is the BEST and CHEAPEST GAS company as rated by the ILLINOIS CONSUMERS UTILITY BOARD.

It is backed by the 2nd largest and 3rd most profitable corporation IN THE WORLD with 1 BILLION (yes, thatís right) 1 BILLION DOLLARS OF REVENUE...EVERYDAY!

Now, to even be considered to be a business partner of mine you MUST accept this as a viable solution to your financial future!

What I tell you is TRUE!

I WILL NOT spend my time convincing ANYONE that this is the next big thing. IT IS! If you don't believe it. Fine, you're weeded out. Good. Then c'est la vie!

I need to surround myself with heavy hitters that BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES and this life changing opportunity!

I prefer partners that are even a little arrogant! You know you're good, right?!


I have NOTHING to hide.

Hereís how WE will make MONEY!

30 customers in 12 weeks = $400.
OR 4 customers and only 2 people that you share this opportunity with= $400. That alone makes back your investment. Remember, this is EASY! You are SAVING them money!
1 consultant that you show how to make money= $100

Now hereís where it gets GOOD. Get ready, this is for real and IN WRITING!

If we each build a team of 6 consultants with only 20 customers each...

WE WILL RECEIVE $26,494 for 1 month EACH!

Not too shabby! Thatís because we make money on every therm of gas that every consultant and customer uses!

YOU WILL BE CHARGED $429 to start into business with me. For that money you will receive thousands of dollars of tools to start your business including 2 custom websites with 9 web aliases. Every one of your customers will receive a website to gain referrals as well. If this scares you then I don't want you as a business partner BECAUSE as you can see above this is WAY bigger than $400. If you cant make back $400 then how can you make a million?

Is this a catch?...I donít think so. More like a test to see if you believe in yourself and this opportunity.

I had to borrow the money. I made it back in 2 days.

You are probably asking yourself... Hmmm... Couldnít she be soliciting this opportunity to EVERYONE and ACCEPTING everyone that wants to give it a try?

The answer is a BIG STRONG NO! I make money if my team WORKS! If I take someone's money and they do NOTHING with this opportunity, then I GET NOTHING! You see, I plan on spending TONS of time with my partners. They MUST produce results! My time is VALUABLE! Sure, I get $100 for a consultant. Who cares. I'm not in this to make $100 and you shouldn't be either...

So I ask you this? Are you really a superstar salesperson? Well, this is your opportunity to prove it! AND YOU get the opportunity to join ME on the ground floor!

To start your future, call or email me with specific reasons why I should consider YOU as one of my founding team members!

By the way, this opportunity is PERFECT for all walks of life; I am looking for diversity and what you can bring to the table!

Thank you!

Sheila 847-730-5313


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