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Stanley A Toohey III
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Chula Vista
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Hi my name is Stan and I desperately need your help!

I lived in Poway paycheck to paycheck not because I spent my money but because I did not make enough to live beyond those means. I paid my rent on time at the expense of my own health. I worked at Burger King and ate one meal a day from there to survive. I shared an apartment with two other people in the start. The place was filthy and I slept on the floor. You could not walk through the place with white socks. My room had a door to the outside that was not sealed and despite telling the managment about this it was never fixed. When it would rain it would soak the carpet around the door and insects could come in freely. I was even biten by a rat. It was not much but was better than nothing. I seeked a second job and during the recent economic downturn there were none to be had. I had no car and local jobs kept my options limited. One day while at work I seen an old friend who came in by chance needing help. He had lost everything he told me, and was living on the street. I decided to help him because in his position I would hope someone would do the same for me. I let him and his girlfriend move into my room. One of my roomates who saw this agreed on the condition that he could move in his pig of a girlfriend. An ugly filthy ball of snot and stupidity. Neither me or the other roomate liked this bag of no brains but agreed only on grounds that she found work and did not contribute to his filth....Wishful thinking.

Things get worse. Now we are living with 6 people and one disgusting bathroom. I gave every job lead that I found to my friend in hopes that he would work to better himself. He blew off the interviews or lost the job days into them. Instead he spent his days on my computer or ps3. He always seemed to have money for drugs and alcohol but never rent. I would often return home from work very upset with him. His girlfriend despite her drug problems paid her rent and worked with me at Burger King. That is untill with his help she was fired. In October I caught swine flu and with the extra burden of two people living in my room, eating my food, stealing my money, fighting etc I was at my wits end. She threw one of my cups across the room at him and I sent her packing to go live with her mom.

I got better, than sick again. This place was filthy and on one faithful night the pig descided to flood the place by turning the bathroom hot water on full blast closing the door and walking away. She denied it of course but everyone knew she had done it. She layed there like the whale she is and watched as me and the other roomates cleaned it up using our towels and blankets. This took all night...and part of the next day. The smell from this lasted well over a month and could stop a predator dead in its tracks. Everyone at this point became very ill. Soon after this the pig and her boyfriend disappeared leaving all their belongings (trash) behind. My friend had been lying to me telling me he had the rent all the way up untill the last possible day you could pay. He got kicked out by my other roomate. By the way my other roomate is the only true friend I made out of all this.

Then it was just the two of us. Rent was paid but we were broke. The cable bill was going to be late and electricity was behind. We had used up all of our money and needed to find a solution for the next month. It was already the 20th so the first was fast around the corner. I had a plan and moved in another friend who needed a place to stay. He was reliable and had a good job. Soon after, another person moved in and made it four. Things seemed they were going to be okay.

By this time the glands in my armpits where swollen to the point it was painful to move and I suffered constant panic attacks, nausea, and dizyness. I would vomit and I found it hard to breath at times. I am not sure but think it is possible the abscess tooth I've had since I was 18 could be causing some of this. Headaches aside things got worse. Since the day I had moved in the neighbor had been complaining. Making false accusations and demanding the unreasonable. They had been calling the corporate office telling them I was peeping through their bedroom window. They said I was checking out their 14 year old daughter. They even made up some story that I had two dogs living with me. This could be a whole story of its own so lets just say none of these were true. I tried many times to reason with these people. The female claimed to be ultra sensitive and demand I don't use my phone. I gave them my phone number to call me with any problems and even told them to call the police. But in the end what they wanted was clear. They never called the police and they never called my phone. Instead they continued to lie to corporate and eventually we were given a 60 day notice. The day I got the notice the neighbor was outside and looked right at me smiled then laughed. I don't know why these people are like this and I found out they had done this with the roomate that lived in the room before me. Regardless I needed to find a new place to live.

I spent my tax money and packed my things. I now live in Chula Vista. Needless to say I put my two weeks in at Burger King because I had no car to travel from where I now live to poway. I have been looking for work but no phone calls have returned and I am running out of places to apply. I have been here almost a month now and rent is due. I am now stuck. I need to work and am willing to take a bus train or anything to get to this job. I am running out of time and don't want to be tossed on the street were my opportunities are further limited. Please help me in any way you can.

I at least need enough to pay rent to buy me time till my next job. I don't want to be homeless. If you have a entry level job that needs to be filled please e-mail me I am desperate. Call the Burger King in poway I am a great worker.

stancatc at yahoo,com (paypal e-mail)

Burger King Poway (858) 668-3072 Yolanda is store manager

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