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Do You Remember, When ?

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Damon Knight
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Houston Texas
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Do you remember that very very funny story you told about your mother or was it your grandmother. It was years back, think back in your memory of a happy memory or story about your mother or other relative that had a great deal of meaning to you.

You just had a very positive moment communicating to yourself. This is the first step in the experiment. This made you feel better and you just smiled didn’t you? Do you realize you can feel your left big toe just now when you were not aware of it a second ago? This conjuring a feeling is the second step, congratulations you are making progress.

If you would be willing to share that story again I would be glad to read it and use it for this social experiment. Often we take everything for granted. We often receive our vision from the tele-e-vision. Do we always have to accept every premise without question?

Albert Einstein said, “Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow. The important thing is never stop questioning.”’

I am not positive if I know you. . This kind of scares me, because without your memories what do you have?

I was in Clear Lake Hospital in Webster Texas, from the day before Thanksgiving to the day before Christmas. I was a very sick puppy, the Doctors told me I was going to die and I had to prepare. Normally I don’t believe them, because they don’t really know. Every time they say that, I pull my pants down and check my butt for an expiration date.

I have had five stays in the hospital this year, but this last time I started to believe them. I am sixty-six years old and will be sixty-seven in less than 2 months. You see you must use forward thinking, look forward, and be optimistic; no one can beat you if you refuse to give up. Always get up on your feet.

That if you kept moving you would be a harder target for the grime reaper.

On my last visit to the hospital the Doctors shocked my heart, put me in ICU, operated and put in a defibrillator and a Pacemaker, they also gave me a bucket full of medicines always treating symptoms never causes.

As I lay around I got to thinking about the old days and my family. Funny how you can sometimes hear them and you can see their faces except not very clear almost like a dream but you know you’re not asleep.

Well I got to thinking about my Uncle Joe, my cousins father and my fathers best friend. These two guys grew up together and married two sisters, these two sisters were my mother and my aunt, growing up you can understand how close our two families were.

You must be patient and understand I always take the long way around the bush to tell a story.

I remembered A trip a couple years ago, I went home with my oldest daughter to visit my families grave sites, it had been over twenty years since I had been back to visit my family, funny even after all that time it was like I had never being away. My cousin Sandy made us a part of her family instantly. After staying for a few days my cousin took us to the Airport so I could go visit my son in Connecticut and my two grandkids Kids grow fast. My daughter knew I was running out of time for several years except I am to stubborn to just lay down and quit.

As we walked from the parking lot to the terminal my Cousin Sandy stopped and picked up a coin from the walkway. She looked up to Heaven and said, “Thanks Dad.” When we asked her what she did, she said to me, you remember my Dad.

My Uncle Joe was a traveling man. She explained that eve time she found a coin she would remember her Dad. As long as he stayed alive in her mind she felt he was watching over her. I smiled at the nice story and kept walking and remembering.

He would tell us stories about the depression and how he would ride the rails in the boxcars. One trip he left Utica N.Y. with $3.49 and traveled to California, took him over three months but he came home with $3.76.

As a boy I use to listen to the adults sit around and laugh at his stories and adventures. My feet would twitch in my bed as I could see the picture stories he told.

I remember the frozen lake where he dug a hole in the ice and stuck his head in to wash himself and his whole head turned into an icicle. He sure knew how to laugh at himself. He told of kangaroo courts, bulls (railroad cops with clubs) in the Hobo jungles, and how they would mark the houses to show who would feed them or who had a ready shotgun.

After my Uncle Joe settled down, when he had a chance he would pile his family in the car and take off.

He never used a map he had the whole country laid out in his mind. No matter where he went he could tell you how the streets were positioned, the best diner and about someone he met.

When I got older I loved to travel with him to get a cup of coffee, in Montréal Canada or a Dill Pickle in New Jersey. He traveled like you would go to the corner store. My uncle Joe is a traveling man., a rail hobo from years ago that traveling never left his blood. Sometimes he would travel with my Dad but my Dad always wanted to know where they were going and when would they get back.

My Uncle Joe was a free spirit, it didn’t matter what fork in the road he took because there was always a new exciting adventures right over the next hill.

He taught everyone to watch the sky and watch the ground. If you saw a penny you would need to pick it up, for you never knew when you might need it for yourself or to pass on to someone else.

During that walk my mind traveled back to a bubbling trip of memories. I had asked you to recall your memories, please do it again. If you take a moment to recall again, you just passed another step and it made you smile again, this is good.

When we reached the terminal my cousin Sandy sat down and looked down and saw another penny, she reached down looked up at heaven and said, Thank you Dad.” My daughter sat down next to her and she saw a new penny in front of her seat, so she picked it up and said, “Thank you Uncle Joe.” You can bet I looked all over for my penny but never found one.

We laughed at this because that would be just like my Uncle Joe to play tricks on you. You realize I was over 62 years old looking for a penny. You may not realize it but this is what I am going to ask you to do to be a part of this experiment.

We took the flight to visit my son and that evening the whole family went to an expensive vegetarian restaurant. After the meal I was standing in line waiting to pay the bill and I looked down and saw a dollar bill and a dime. I reached down picked it up, looked up to heaven and said, “Thank you Uncle Joe, you must have known this was an expensive meal.”

Good story, right, but was this entirely spiritual or was this synergy could our families keep a watch over us when we think of them; I know I felt my uncle’s presence.

The formula seem to be, see something, act on it, give thanks and then use it or “Pass it On”. We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give. If this makes sense to you then you have passed another step, oh you are a clever one.

As I waited for the operations this last month I got to thinking. How we are all connected and we are here to help each other. You realize you can only think of one thing at a time and it makes sense to think of something positive at all times. You have to reverse negative thinking if you are going to be happy.

Now where am I going with this, let’s talk about you first. When you remembered your past I hope you remembered the good days, if you train your mind to go to these positive moments you can be always happy. Life is NOW, you can’t change the past and there is no future because if the future does come it will be now. Stop worrying about money or time, slow down, nature never rushes but everything always gets done. According to Ralph Waldo Emerson “The purpose of life is not to be happy but rather to be useful, honorable, and to make a difference, and then you have lived and lived well.”

Now I am not sure if I met you but this doesn’t really matter since I can say personally I never met a stranger and I think we are bonding.

As the medicines flowed into a pic- line they put in my arm, I had the choice to watch the tele-a-vision. I have my own visions and don’t like to waste time watching someone else’s vision. Second the news had nothing but bad news, kidnapping, car crashes, wars. I personally don’t want to waste my time thinking about what I can not change. I know I have never been depressed because I can conjure up happy thoughts. Do you realize so can you, at all times.

So finally here is what I am thinking for my next journey, it’s the journey not the destination that counts. For me it is important to dream of things that have never been proven.

My daughter told me about face books months ago and since with less than 15% of my heart left I can’t do much but talk and think and type with one finger I thought why not take on a new project with my friends.

This project with face books started yesterday January 17, 2010. I and had a Doctors appointment. He was impressed how well I am getting on, since not long ago he told me to make peace with my God. It is easy to give up, anyone can do that.

Well by now you kind of know how my mind works because I am starting this new venture. I would like to see how well we are all connected, I kind of want to know if I can look down and watch my family. I also would like to know if it is possible how long does it take, can I put in a control function to prove the idea. Will it work for everyone and can it be taught, never look back and ask why but rather look forward and ask why not.

This is what I am proposing, contact my friends and I hope you are by now one of them and ask them to send me happy stories of their family that have passed. Please send only the good stories. The most beautiful things can not be seen or heard but must be felt by the heart.

I will combine the stories in a book to share with everyone. This way the normally forgotten stay alive you know everyone counts, everyone is important. This could cause a flood of mail, so you must take the next step before sending the information; I have to know if you are serious. So this is the deal; I don’t want you to have to pay for my idea.

First you got to find some money that is not yours. This could be a penny, a dollar or a million dollars, ha ha. Send me what you have found because it may be my Uncle Joe who left it or the loved one you have been thinking about. They may be trying to communicate with you now that you understand what I am trying to do. Send it along with your story by snail mail.

The twist is if you explain in the letter where and who the family member is I will ask my uncle Joe to visit with them and tell a good story about the past. He will also tell them how you are thinking about them. To prove this works include a question that only they and you would know the answer to. You can ask for anything but don’t get greedy because my uncle Joe doesn’t have very much money to distribute.

Consider it a sign if you find some money. This is something I cannot control but it is the next step in this experiment. Write down your story, it may make you cry but you will feel better.

You will have to pay for the stamp; this is the governments cut since we are using a different way to communicate. Include you name and an email or face book address so I can contact you.

When my uncle Joe meets with your folks I will ask him to deliver the message and leave a sign for you that answers the question or request you asked and leave a new coin for you to find so you know that it is your responsibility to check for the answer at that time.

When you get the answer please contact me so I can check out the system, how long it takes, what percentage works, can we figure out how to improve the system.

I personally want to know since I am close. Understand that for me it is not winning the game to stay alive nor do I feel it is losing to pass on, but I would like to know if I can still be a player. Please understand this step in the process.

You know God works in funny ways sometimes and often uses humans as angels. This is a longer story but be advised that you have met an angel if after helping you he says to you, “PASS it ON’. Are you an angel and don’t know it yet. Think of the world as a living organism, scientist torture nature’s secrets out of her. You are being given a chance to use ecological thinking. When you think in ecological terms you gain personal power not power over others.

The last thing is pass this story of Uncle Joe on so you’re other friends and family can remember their loved ones and smile. Maybe they would also like to join this adventure or like you it may be enough to pass on a smile. and you can not take these last steps until you receive a sign of something given to you that is not expected nor is anything that you have to pay for, baring the stamp. To join you must have a belief system. Take action, be thankful and pass it on.

Hope God watches over you and your family until I hear from you or your friends.

My mailing address is:

Damon Knight
946 Shawnee Street
Houston, Texas 77034
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