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Your Child Has An Iep / 504, But Grades Remain A Problem?

Your Child Has An Iep / 504, But Grades Remain A Problem?
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J S Garton Associates
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San Diego, North County
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Service Category:Education
Business Name:J. S. Garton & Associates Educational Advocacy
North County, R. B. Carmel Valley
San Diego, CA 92128

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Don't wait until things start to get worse at school.
Parents should not be ruining their relationship with their kids over homework, just because of a minor disability!
Make this the year when things change!

- Nationwide -
Phone & Internet Consultation Available
anywhere in the USA as well as advice and coaching over the phone or via skype or google talk.

- Local -
in attendance at IEP Meetings throughout Southern California only.Please email for Telephone or Skype appointment. Urgent Cases Welcome.

If you have a gifted or struggling student, PLEASE READ THIS in its entirety. Whether you need an advocate for your child or not, you will be glad you did.

To begin getting things turned around, let your child know that you have newfound confidence in them and that you are going to do everything that you can to help them to have a better year in school this year! Then follow up on your promise!

CHILDREN with Special Needs who have advocates are 7 times more likely to attend college.
CHILDREN with Special Needs who have advocates are 5 times more likely to graduate on time or early.
CHILDREN with Special Needs who have advocates are are 3 times less likely to have reported behavioral incidents at school.
TEACHERS are 3 times more likely to hire an advocate when their own children require an IEP.

Have you Tried an Experienced Tutor, or Learning Service, Perfect Parenting Classes, Rewards and Consequences, but nothing seems to Help?

The Short Version of Our Story:
We were on our third retired teacher as tutor and our second learning center, when we found out what neither the school district nor teachers had told us. This is not a made up or promotional story. I am a parent of two public school students in the San Diego area and I started out as a volunteer advocate 14 years ago after we could not get an appointment with a single local advocate, simply because they were all too busy! Or, thought we were not affluent enough to pay their $100+ an hour fees. I knew better than try on my own without training, so I flew across the country to take a week long in-service class for professionals, and started reading books and talking to attorneys. After two years, one of my sons teachers in one San Diego District, ask me to advocate for a friend of hers in another San Diego District. That was 14 years ago. It is not a game for unprepared parents and your school district doesn't want you to know that. Nearly 100% of teachers with special education children insist on using an advocate to deal with the district.

PUBLIC OR PRIVATE, Don't let your child continue suffering through school without Help! There is Help. You are not the only family with difficulties.
Regardless of whether you have a Gifted child that is lacking challenge or stimulation, or an ADHD child and can't get homework home - much less turned in, don't spend another semester allowing the torture to continue!
Damage is being done that will effect your childs future forever, not to mention your relationship with them.


My ADHD 3rd grader has a 504, but his GRADES and BEHAVIOR remain a problem.

"Our GATE child is no longer ahead of the class and teachers think she would benefit from a regular ed classroom."

"My Middle school daughter is having a tough time in school but says she's trying hard, but just can't get it!"

"Our 6th grader was a Gifted Student in grade school and now he is skipping school and failing. He says he's being bullied, but the school says its not true."

"Our Son is in High school and has had an IEP since elementary school, but complains that his teachers don't care and don't want to help!"

These are all complaints from parents that we've worked with here in the Southern California area. But this could be from any area in the nation, and the testimonies would be the same.


The Answer may be an EDUCATION ADVOCATE to request the correct evaluations from the school district to see if your child will qualify for an Individualized Education Plan. If your child is struggling and the school hasn't mentioned an evaluation, you haven't been told the first thing you need to know, to begin turning around your child's educational future. And unless your child is having a behavior problem, you will probably never hear anything about what can be done!

If he or she does not have an IEP or Individualized Education Plan, we can help you to find out if an IEP could be an answer, and how to make sure that the evaluations are done to you and your child's advantage and not tailored to your schools convenience. The cost of the evaluations are provided by the school.

IF YOUR CHILD HAS AN IEP, but is still showing little if any progress, your child's learning style needs to be reconsidered and modifications need to be made to the current accommodations. In most cases your child will begin to turn things around. There is seldom a need for weeks of tutoring, or nightly classes to attend. We change things by working with school on behalf of you and your child.. Progress is turned around by identifying their individual learning style, without making their lives, or yours, miserable! As soon as your child is happy with their lives at school, you have a happy child. They may not like school, but how they do at school has a more powerful effect on their self-confidence than anything, EXCEPT your relationship with them.

Public School or Private, there are Federal Laws to make sure those who qualify, get all the help they need without excuses from the school district. Unfortunately, some guidance is quite often needed to get the process going to claim your childs legal rights.

IEP or 504 not working?
If you spent most of last year worrying about a struggling student, there is a good chance that your child may need additional help. If your student already has an IEP or 504, it is likely that the accommodations put together by the team were minimal and may be ineffective. Have you noticed that while the grades are still low, the IEP goals continue to be checked completed? The school needs to show they have done their job, regardless of whether your students grades and performance have improved or not. If behavior is the major topic in the IEP meeting, they are subtly blaming your child for his or her difficulties!

If behavior is not the problem, hints of more family reading time, working with them on their homework, and other home remedies direct the blame away from the school. This will continue as long as you allow it. The remedy can be applied politely, professionally, and under federal law, so that you will get the parental respect that you deserve, and your child will get the help he (or she) deserves.

The bottom line is this; if your student has not improved and gained confidence, either a complete change in current accommodations needs to be made, or the current accommodations are not being followed as agreed. When it comes to special help, IEP teams sometimes put much of the accommodation effort on the student and parents, rather than addressing the difficulty in the classroom. This inevitably causes a family disruption, making the child feel guilty and compounding the problem. There are many interventions that can be very successful, without causing a family breakdown at home over homework. You need to spend quality time with your child, not time arguing and fighting over homework. There are great formulas for special education success, but your school staff needs to follow through for them to be successful. There are NO GOOD REASONS why your child should not succeed in school. None. I will fight for the rights for you and your child as outlined in Federal Law, until you and your child are happy with the results you are getting from school.

You might be shocked to hear that in 8 out of 10 IEP meetings: a teacher can't remember more than 1 accommodation without looking at the IEP. The one most remembered is "seating in the front of the classroom". Yes. How could they be complying with the accommodations daily if they can't remember them? They can't.

As your advocate; I can verify that your child has been properly evaluated, help you understand the results, listen to you and your student's issues, assist the school district in establishing an educational plan that works, and confirm that the plan is being implemented effectively. We make sure that your child's individual education plan is right for them, and see that each teacher has been well informed so that all goals and accommodations have the best chance of being addressed. No longer will your child, or your family, feel to blame in the eyes of the teachers and team. Meetings with teachers and district administrators will no longer need to be an intimidating process for you, your family or your student.

Every child has a right to thrive in school, build academic self confidence and love for learning that can take them through college and into lifetime of learning. Too often, it is lost.
JS Garton, Ed Advocate, 16 years

Depending on your situation and schedule, I can walk you through the process, be at your side through the process, or conduct the entire process on your family's behalf.

Bachelors of Science in Psychology
Special Education Advocacy In-service Training
14 years as a Special Education Advocate
Worked with Parents of more than 30 children in 14 years
16 years Legal Research and Case Investigations
Single Dad of 2 Successful IEP/SE Kids
- Experienced Attorney's co-consult on each case as needed -

The Cost?
Less than most independent advocates out there. We try to put together an affordable program for every student who needs help, even if we have to create a new payment program or coach the parent to self advocate. We do so while keeping one of several law firms aware of your situation so that cases that may merit legal action on a contingency are not overlooked.

Please, contact by email to schedule call or appointment. more free information at our website or call us today.
theparentsadvocate. info

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